In the paternal line, my family is Kunowski (formerly the Nałęcz coat of arms) from the region of Greater Poland. In the 17th century, the family of my ancestors – as Protestants – emigrated to Brandenburg. In the city of Prenzlau, Samuel Kunowsky started a line of Protestant pastors, and in 1818 my ancestor Otto Friedrich Wilhelm von Kunowski received Prussian nobility as the first of the family. The von Kunowski family achieved successes in the Kingdom of Prussia among others in the Prussian army, science, law and administration, culture and art, etc. Today, Kunowsky craters can be found on the Moon and Mars. After the First World War, when Poland regained independence, my great-grandfather used the Polish coat of arms Nałęcz again. In subsequent generations, my ancestors used the surname Sajna as a result of certain circumstances. The Kunowski family was related to other families of Greater Poland and to various families of the Prussian nobility, but among my ancestors or relatives are also Scott, Ferguson and other Scottish clans. Among the Polish ancestors of my mother and grandparents there are mainly families from Pomerania, Greater Poland and Mazovia.

My Y-DNA haplogroup is Western Slavic R1a-YP610. My mtDNA („maternal”) haplogroup is HV1a2 (more popular in Western Asia and Africa than in Europe). My ancestry, based on autosomal DNA, according to leading global companies, is mainly West Slavic, but with evident Baltic and Scandinavian-German-British admixtures as well as with some West Asian and Ashkenazi segments. See maps below:

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